Ludwig Ernst Fuerbringer, Theological Hermeneutics (An Outline for the Classroom)
St. Louis, Mo. CONCORDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE 1924 Reprinted 2007 by Public Domain.

Biblical or theological Hermeneutics is the name applied to that branch of theology in which the principles and rules are set forth by means of which we may discover the true sense of Scripture and give a correct exposition of the meaning which the Holy Spirit has laid down in the words of Scripture. The name “hermeneutics” is to explain, expound, interpret, translate. Luke 24, 27; John 1, 38. 41. 42; 9, 7; Acts 9, 36; 1 Cor. 14, 13. Hermeneutics is a branch of exegetical theology and holds the same relation to exegesis as theory does to practise….

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